Eagle Carpet Cleaning

Family owned and operated serving the Ozark’s area for over 30 years.

Eagle Carpet Cleaning offers a completely dry method of cleaning. Their product is all natural, non-toxic, hospital grade and green seal certified. You can move furniture right back after Eagle Carpet Cleaning has finished or you don’t have to move it at all. No need to run fans or air conditioners because your carpet is dry from start to finish. Utilizing a dry system to clean your carpets keeps removed stains from wicking back so your carpet stays cleaner longer.

Clean carpets provide your family with great health benefits by removing mold, mildew and their spores, dust and dust mites, and allergens.

Got pets? Eagle Carpet Cleaning offers a pet enzyme that completely removes pet smells resulting from saturation – breaking down the bacteria that causes the smell.

Eagle Carpet Cleaning keeping your carpet clean AND dry!

Call (417) 606-0688 or visit them On Face Book at https://www.facebook.com/Eaglecarpetcleaningllc

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