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1340 The Ozarks Big Talker Contest Rules

General Contest Rules:

The following rules are in place for all contests on stations KADI-FM (99HITFM) & KADI-AM (The
Ozark’s Big Talker) with VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC.. In the event additional rules apply to
a contest, an addendum will be posted below. Any contest-specific rules shall govern in the event of a
conflict between those rules and these generic rules.
The following constitutes basic contest rules for any/all VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC contests,
both on and off-air, or the VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. web site. Each contest may have its
own special restrictions or qualification, in which case an addendum to these rules will be included.

1.) No purchase is necessary. A purchase will not improve your odds of winning.

2.) All VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. contests are open to any/all VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC. listeners eighteen (18) years of age or older. Contests restricted to
persons 21 and over will be specified on air or in official contest rules for that particular contest.

3.) All sweepstakes/contests on VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. are open to US citizens, who are
US residents, only.

4.) Odds of winning a prize from VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. will depend on the number of
qualified entries and/or odds of being selected as a qualifier are based on the number of people calling
to the station for the particular contest.

5.) All contest entries become the sole property of VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC.. Furthermore,
VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. may retain any contest materials crucial to the completion of the

6.) Effective January 1, 2012 Listeners may win only a contest ONCE every 60 days on ANY VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC. radio station-including KADI-FM (99 Hit FM) & KADI-AM (The
Ozark’s Big Talker). The 60 day period shall begin on the date the winner is selected. For purposes of
clarity, being a qualifying winner in a contest does not make the qualifier ineligible to win the grand
prize or any other prize offered in that contest. Only one winner or qualifier per family or household
will be allowed per contest unless specified.

7.) Effective January 1, 2012, if you win a prize or prizes with an aggregate value of $600 or more,
you are ineligible to win any additional prizes from any other contests for the remainder of the
calendar year the prize was won in, on any VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. station, including
KADI-FM (99 Hit FM) & KADI-AM (The Ozark’s Big Talker).

8.) All contestants acknowledge as a condition of entry, that VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. has
a right to publicize or broadcast the winner’s name, character, likeness, voice or all matters included
herein without any additional compensation. By entering this Promotion, contestant agrees to use of
their personal information

9.) All prizes are non-transferable and void where prohibited by law. No cash substitution of prizes
allowed except that Promoter may, at its sole discretion, substitute prizes of comparable value or
cash. Other restrictions may apply.

10.) Winners understand and agree that they are responsible for any and all taxes incurred on prizes and
other costs associated with their use or enjoyment of any prize within the year of winning. Payments of
all federal, state and local taxes are solely the responsibility of the winners. Winners will be required
to complete and submit an IRS Form W-9 or the equivalent including the winner’s full Social Security
Number for receipt of any prize valued at $600 or more or for any prizes awarded by Promoter in a
calendar year with an aggregate value of $600 or more. Failure to submit a complete W-9 or equivalent
will result in disqualification and forfeiture of the prize.

11.) If required by VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. or its affiliates, winners must sign a liability
release prior to receiving their prize.

12.) If the winner is instructed by VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. or its affiliates to personally
pick up their prize, it must be claimed within thirty (14) calendar days of winning, unless instructed
otherwise. Upon pickup of prize, proper picture identification (i.e. valid driver’s license, passport) and a
signature will be required if prize value is $100 or over from the winner.

13.) Prizes may be mailed either first-, second-, or third-class US mail at the discretion of VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC.. If the prize is to be mailed, it is the responsibility of the winner to
provide VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. with a current and correct mailing address. VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is not responsible for, nor obligated to replace, any lost, misdirected,
stolen, or damaged prize sent, or neglected on the part of the US postal service. Prizes valued at $100
or over cannot be mailed since winner’s signature is required.

14.) VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. will not notify winners of the time remaining on their prize.
It is the responsibility of the winner to claim the prize within the specified time frame. All unclaimed
prizes after thirty (30) days will automatically be forfeited. VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is at
liberty to give away any unclaimed prize at the end of thirty (30) day grace period.

15.) Under “unique circumstances”, a representative designated by the winner will be allowed to accept
the prize for them. Written authorization from the winner, including the representative’s name, ID, and
a photocopy of the winner’s valid driver’s license is required. Prizes valued at $100 or over do not fall
under “unique circumstances” as the winner’s signature is required. VISION COMMUNICATIONS,
INC. will qualify what constitutes a “unique circumstance.”

16.) In the event that a winner voluntarily chooses not to accept the prize, he/she automatically forfeits
all claims to that prize. Contest winner is not excused from any ineligibility time due to prize value
even if prize is voluntarily forfeited. VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. then has the right to, but
not the obligation, to award that prize to a contest runner-up.

17.) VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. may substitute another prize of equal or lesser value, in the
event of non-availability of a prize.

18.) VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is not responsible for any defective prizes.

19.) In the case of a dispute over telephone lines or a VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. fax
submission, the decision of VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is final.

20.) In the event that two telephone lines are tied together during a phone contest, the entire phone call
will be disqualified and another phone call will be taken. VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. cannot
award duplicate prizes to both parties in a “tied together” situation. An example of a “tied-together”
call will be two telephone calls originating from the same location or residence or a party line. VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is not responsible for any mechanical telephone or fax error, failure or

21.) Employees of VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC., their affiliates, representatives,
and their families or households are ineligible to enter/win any contest staged on VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC. stations. Employees of other Springfield area or Branson radio stations
are also ineligible to participate or win any contest.

22.) By entering a contest, each contestant agrees to release, absolve and hold harmless VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC., its parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities, agencies, sponsors
or representatives and the officers, directors , shareholders, employees and agents of each of
them (the “Released Parties”) from any liability or claim, financial or otherwise, resulting
directly or indirectly from any prize, promotion, or on- or off-air contests staged by VISION

23.) Due to the nature of our programs that are heard online on the internet, contests heard on the radio
station’s audio stream may be delayed from the time the contest is heard on the broadcast station. For
that reason, all contests heard are delayed. This means that when this station announces it’s time to
call to play a local contest, listeners to the online audio stream may be at a disadvantage over those
listening to the FM band.

24.) Entrants are required to provide truthful information and Promoter will reject and delete any entry
that it discovers to be false or fraudulent. Promoter will disqualify any entry from individuals who do
not meet the eligibility requirements, and Promoter will also delete any entry knowingly received from
persons under the age of 13 in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

25.) This Promotion is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Void
outside the United States and where prohibited.

26.) As to all aspects of any contest, the decision of VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. is final.

27.) VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC., in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify
any person (and all of their entries) from any contest if he or she tampers with the entry process, the
operation of the contest, or the operation of VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. web channels
or is otherwise in violation of the rules. VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. further reserves
the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, cancel, terminate or suspend a contest, or any part of it,
if it is not capable of completion as planned or if any fraud, technical failures or any factor beyond
VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. control, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering,
unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort, corrupt or affect the administration, security,
fairness, integrity or proper conduct of a contest as determined by VISION COMMUNICATIONS,
INC. in is sole discretion. Any attempt by an entrant or any person to deliberately damage any web
channel or to undermine the legitimate operation of a contest may be a violation of criminal and civil
laws. Should such an attempt be made, VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. reserves the right to
seek full prosecution and/or damages from any such individual to the fullest extent permitted by
law. VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules shall
not constitute a waiver of this provision. If due to circumstances beyond the control of VISION
COMMUNICATIONS, INC., any competition or prize-related event or travel is delayed, rescheduled,
postponed or canceled, VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC. reserves the right, but not the obligation,
to modify, suspend or cancel the contest and shall not be required to award a substitute prize.

28.) The Released Parties are not responsible for (i) typographical or other errors in the printing, the
offering or the administration of any contest, or in the announcement of a prize; (ii) entries not received
due to difficulty accessing the internet, service outage or delays, computer difficulties, malfunctions,
disconnections, other technological failures, telephone service outages, delays, dropped calls, or busy
signals; or (iii) lost, stolen, mangled, misdelivered, postage due, illegible, incomplete, incorrect, or late

Additions or deletions to these rules may be made at the discretion of VISION COMMUNICATIONS,
INC. and may be enacted at any time. Basic Contest Rules and agenda are available for review during
any regular business hours at the VISION COMMUNICATIONS, INC.S offices located at 5431 West
Sunshine; Brookline Station, Missouri 65619. A copy of the rules can be requested through the mail by
calling (417) 831-0995 ext 25 or viewed on-line by visiting our web sites.

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